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SDGs:Reborn as a cherry blossom



The cherry blossom-colored sweatshirt that we sold last year has been transformed into a cherry blossom tree.





The cherry trees were planted on the land that was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake to serve as a target for evacuation in the event of a tsunami in the future. (Planting cherry trees in the tsunami-affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake)


東日本大震災で被災した土地に、もし今後、津波が来た際の「避難」の目標地点となるべく、植樹して頂きました。(東日本大震災 津波到達地への桜植樹)



Tree planting site: 5 Okada-Nakakawa-Harada, Odaka-ku, Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, 979-2134


植樹地点:〒979-2134 福島県南相馬市小高区岡田仲川原田5



For more details, please refer to the previous post as well.




Thank you to all the local landscapers who were involved in the tree planting. Thank you very much.












 A part of the sales of the "Sakura Color (pink color)" sweatshirts, sold last year, was donated to the "Sakura Fund", which aims to plant cherry trees in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

2011年3月11日。 東日本大震災の影響による大津波が、美しい東北の地に、甚大な被害をもたらしました。


March 11, 2011, a massive tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake tremendously destroyed the beautiful areas in Tohoku region, Japan. 




 “The Cherry Blossom Fund” is established by the NPO Sakura Namiki Network, which aims to plant cherry trees in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake for commemorating the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, as well as for using them as target points for evacuation in the event of a massive tsunami (escape to higher ground). 




In the approval of this purpose, we donated for planting cherry trees. 


植樹の期間は決まった季節(4月頃)に、被災地の地元住民の方々と、地元の造園業者によって行われるそうです。 植樹後の報告は初夏頃(6月頃)に頂けることになっておりますので、またご報告いたします。 


The trees will be planted in April by people and gardeners in the disaster areas. We expect to receive a report on planting in June. We will make a more detail post later.


当ブランドは、「全ての人は花を有し、それを咲かせることが出来る」という、コンセプトを根幹にもつブランドで、 昨年よりブランド運営の一環として、SDGs活動に取り組んでおり、今回はSDGsの13番目のゴールである、「気候変動に具体的な対策を」にフォーカスしています。

KARMA et CARINA has a fundamental concept: every person has a flower and can make it bloom. 
Since last year, we have been working on #SDGs activities as part of our brand management.
This time, we are focusing on the 13th SDGs  goal, "Climate action".



The new cherry blossom color sweatshirts will be available from early April this year.

※追記  2021年4月9日




In response to the "Semi-emergency coronavirus measures" that took effect on April 5, we are postponing the release of the above products that were scheduled to go on sale in conjunction with the show to be held this month.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding.

The schedule will be announced on the SNS and HP again.


Hideaki Kitasako

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